About e-journal

NIOS has launched its E-journal (a monthly web magazine) by Dr. S.S. Jena, Chairman during the COMOSA Meeting held on 17.3.2013 at Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi. The objective of the e-journal is to cover different aspects of Open and Distance Learning and its developmental and promotional activities of NIOS, innovative, gender-sensitive programmes, details of new courses, interviews, Guest lectures, alumni view, learners' experience, Regional Centre activities, NIOS staff information and any other fruitful stories etc., on monthly basis

The e-Journal will be available in the website of NIOS every month. It is the policy of NIOS to cover the latest significant activities happening around and publish the same as an article without distortion in the public interest. Selected articles will be published in the e-journal. It is important to understand the significance of having such e-journals on the NIOS website which undoubtedly provides an opportunity for the officers of NIOS to post their innovative articles which will simultaneously help the students to improve their skills. These well developed and nuanced conceptualizing abilities have the potential of raising the bar by several notches.